Most of our shop floor is dedicated to selling retail stationery:
pens, pencils, writing paper, files, geometry instruments, address books, etc.

A large range of
Social Stationery is always available,
as well as
puzzles and board games,
'stocking filler/party bag' toys.

Your gift can be complemented with our gift wrap
in sheets or in rolls together with ribbons and bows,
or choose a gift box from our wide selection.

We sell a wide range of items because we are totally independent
and are not subject to the dictates of a 'Head Office'.
Our purchasing is governed by what our customers want to buy.
We have accounts with many of the major stationery companies, such as:
Parker, Papermate, Helix, Staedtler, Pilot, Platignum, Victor.

We also buy from many smaller manufacturers and distributors,
so that our range of products is interesting and varied.

  Check us out for the following:  
    Envelopes     Adhesives    
    Lever arch files     Felt-tip pens and markers    
    Ruled pads     Fax rolls